Parent & Caregiver Testimonials

Bottle System testimonials from parents & caregivers:

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the specialty nursing system. My son has a significant congenital heart defect and was struggling to eat. We were working so hard but still headed towards having to have a feeding tube put in. One of our therapists brought the specialty valve to try and it was immediately successful! From the first feeding, my son went from taking an hour or more to eat four ounces to just 15 minutes! After month of struggling we finally gained about 8 hours per day back, and more importantly our son was able to start gaining weight since he wasn’t using all of his energy just to eat. Thank you so much!”

– DB Customer

“I just wanted to say how much we love the new Dr. Brown bottles. We have finally been successful with feedings. We tried the Medela Haberman. Also tried the mead Johnson and didn’t like it. She would choke so bad with the Haberman (Medela’s specialty feeder?) and now eats so smoothly and at her own pace 🙂 They’re amazing, thank you so so much!!”

– The Titian family: Port Alberni, British Columbia, Canada

“My daughter will drink from these bottles (using the preemie nipple). It is amazing! These bottles have saved my daughter from needing a feeding tube!!”

AL in Edmond, OK

“We received our Dr. Brown’s specialty feeding bottles and we LOVE them! Our son who has right sided unilateral cleft lip and palate with left sided sub-mucosal cleft is eating much quicker than he was with the Haberman. I have gone so far as to mail my extra Haberman bottles to another mama who has not made the switch. We are anxiously awaiting the release so we aren’t washing our two bottles numerous times throughout the day! Thank you for sending us these bottles. Thank you for making a difference in my son’s life. I will be sure to recommend these bottles to every cleft affected family I know.”

CD, RN, Clinical Nurse Manager,
North Providence Medical Services, Fiskeville, RI

“I wanted to let you know that my son was born last night with a complete bilateral cleft lip and palette. He was in the nursery for his first feeding and since the nurses had no exposure to the Dr. Brown cleft feeders I had brought in they just tube fed him. However I was able to do his second feeding, at about 5 hours after birth, and explained the one way valve system that made the new bottles different. He ate his entire 20 ml in less than 10 minutes. They were blown away. Thank you so much for providing me this system. His ability to feed was the only thing I was nervous about, being a third time mom, and now I’m so relieved.”

MJ: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

“I cannot thank you enough. I just received our package today and after playing around with different nipple flows we found what worked for us and I’m so excited at how well it worked especially with his cleft and at how efficient they are. Again I am so excited, gives us more freedom. Gives him some normalcy, and I don’t have to train people to feed him now. I will never use the Haberman bottle again. Thank you so much.”

H & JB: Sublimity, OR

“I just wanted to let you know that feeding Luke was an ongoing and constant struggle from birth through almost five months when we received our bottles just before Christmas. These bottles have truly been life changing for Luke and for us. We went from fighting to get him to eat 20 ounces a day to him easily taking in 30+ ounces per day. We are so thankful and can’t wait until they come on the market!!”

KB: Surprise, AZ

“We received our specialty feeding system a few days ago. It took our little one a full day to adjust to the bottle as we moved away from the Haberman. However, now that she has fully adjusted to the Dr Brown’s, she has increased from eating 2.5 oz at a time to 3.5, thus decreasing the amount of feedings she has during the day but increasing her total intake. She is falling asleep less while feeding, which is contributing to the overall intake.”

SW: Eagan, MN

“I wanted to take a minute to give you feedback for the specialty feeders you so generously sent me. I received them very quick after I received your email and have been using them ever since. My son was using the Haberman prior and took to the Dr. Brown Specialty Feeder immediately. I love not having to squeeze to help him feed. He seems to be spitting up less, which is a huge plus for us. Another great thing is that family members, other than my husband and I, are able to feed him. They no longer feel intimidated by it like they were with the Haberman. Thank you so much for these. I look forward to being able to purchase more when they are finally available.”

AI: Monroe, MI

“I wanted to let you know that I received the sample Specialty Feeding System on Friday, and we tried them over the weekend. We were VERY pleased at how well they worked for our daughter. We have been using a different bottle/nipple that she has been able to squeeze herself and feeds in less than 5 minutes. I used the level 3 nipple and she was slowed down since she couldn’t get her hands on the nipple to squeeze it herself. Also, the bottle that we were using does not have a lid/cap for taking them on the go, and I absolutely loved that your bottles come with a lid. This is a great system and I wish I would have known about it sooner in my daughter’s life. Thanks so much for sending the samples!”

AC: Pekin, IL

“We have previously used the Haberman feeders which leak and are difficult to use and raise questions about “what’s wrong with my baby”. Since using the new bottles you provided, even in this short amount of time, he can now hold his bottle and feed himself without any assistance from us.  It does not leak and his tummy problems have calmed down so so much. I’m so thankful to have them and will be purchasing more.”

MB: Missoula, MT

“We received our supplies today. It worked perfectly for our daughter. She was able to finish her feeding in a shorter amount of time than it used to take with the Haberman bottles.”

VC: Goodyear, AZ

“We received the new system yesterday. I am thrilled so far with the results. My son has been fed 4 times and has not coughed or choked once. I am considering purchasing these bottles for our new baby that is due in august. They definitely control the flow of formula. A lot of my traditional Dr. Brown’s nipple allow the formula to continuously drip into his mouth. This will be a huge relief for our family. Thank you so much. Please notify me as soon as they are available. If you could just let me know what price range they will be. That will be the only factor that would prevent us from purchasing more.”

AP: Middlefield, OH

“I just wanted to let you know we received our special feeding bottles for our son who has a bilateral cleft lip and palate Thursday evening and we absolutely love them! They are a lifesaver for our son and us! He absolutely loves them! They work so great for him. We are so amazed how wonderful these bottles work.”

SB: Gordonsville, VA

“The biggest difference, and the one I am most satisfied with: She was having reflux after each feeding with the Haberman. This would include explosive milk from her nose due to the cleft palate. She has not had a single bout of reflux with the Dr. Brown’s!!”

HA: Temecula, CA

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