Early Intervention Products

Transitioning infants from bottle and breastfeeding to solids can be challenging for typically developing infants as well as those who are medically fragile.

Dr. Brown’s® teethers and solid feeding products promote nutritious beginnings that lead to healthier futures.

Early Intervention

Dr. Brown’s® feeding tools have been designed with your therapeutic goals in mind. The Dr. Brown’s® spatula spoon and food masher used in combination offer feeding therapists and parents the tools to support positive spoon feeding experiences.

Long Spatula Spoons

  • Lightweight and constructed of durable plastic and silicone

  • The Long Spatula Spoon was designed with a long arched handle to prevent visual overstimulation during spoon feeding while the wide, flat “spatula” shape of the spoon’s bowl can be used to facilitate the infant’s development of lip closure needed to skillfully strip the food bolus from the spoon

  • The shape and size of our spoon bowl also accommodates an ideal food bolus size, allowing caregivers to offer an amount of solids food (i.e. Stage 1 and Stage 2 puree) to the infant so that they may more likely efficiently transport the food bolus through the oral phase

  • An ideal spoon bowl size decreases the risk of gagging often seen due to overfilling of the oral space and palatal scraping with larger spoons

  • Appropriate for:
    • initial transition to solids including tastings
    transitioning from stage 1 to stage 2 level infant foods
    independent spoon feeding

  • Dishwasher safe

  • BPA free

Make-A-Smash® Food Masher

  • Small, lightweight and portable system made of durable BPA free plastic; designed for caregivers and clinicians on the go

  • The top has curved angles for finger tips to grip and pull off the plastic “mortar” that is built into the top

  • Small amounts of fresh table foods (i.e. bananas, avocados, berries, pre-cooked veggies – sweet potatoes, peas, carrots) can be mashed and ground to achieve the desired stages of pureed foods

  • Bottom serves as a small food bowl holding up to two ounces of solids to immediately offer the infant; providing optimal nutritional benefits as well the sensory input from the smell, taste and texture of fresh foods 

  • Dishwasher safe

  • BPA free

Flexees® Ergonomic Teether

  • This ergonomic teether is lightweight, flexible and easy to grasp

  • The Flexees® teether offers the infant/child 6 different places to orally explore and play

  • The surfaces vary from textured to smooth, providing increased sensory and proprioceptive input during this stage of oral motor development

  • Used to promote oral play, encourage midline movement for hand to mouth and facilitate lateral biting

  • May be used to introduce food tastes, smells and temperatures

  • Aids in jaw development and is designed to access all teething areas

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