Professional Testimonials

Bottle System testimonials from professionals:

“We had a full term infant with a unilateral cleft lip/palette born on the weekend. Central nursery provided parents with a Haberman bottle. Baby had some choking/desating incidences in mother’s room and was admitted to the NICU for feeding/respiratory issues. Baby continued to be concerning for breathing/feeding issues. I assessed baby with Level 1 nipple on Dr. Brown’s® Specialty system. Parents said they had already ordered some Dr. Brown’s® specialty bottles to use at home before baby was born. I could tell right away that baby was overwhelmed with too fast flow, so changed to the preemie nipple and then to the ultra-preemie nipple. Parents agreed he looked better. At the next 2 feedings, baby fed much better, volumes increased, parents and staff were comfortable with baby’s breathing and baby was able to go back to Mother/Baby with the parents. I provided parents some samples of ultra preemie nipples and the information on getting free samples sent to them. Everyone was thrilled! Thank you, Dr. Brown’s® for having so many options of flow rates.

Becky Mattocks, PT

“I had to share this note I received from some parents of a patient today. They came in yesterday for an eval several weeks after leaving the NICU and were trying to feed their baby (who had a very weak suck) with a level 2 nipple. He was only taking an average of 50 mls a feeding, and they were concerned he needed a feeding tube. I explained the reasons he wasn’t developing a good suck, swallow, breathe pattern with that fast flow nipple, and introduced them to the bottle with a slower flow nipple with the valve in it. The feeding looked like NIGHT and DAY different! Today, the family came back and the father was in TEARS (which had me in tears) saying it was the first time he had taken 105 mls and they didn’t have to provide all the crazy cheek and chin support that they had been doing to survive for the past month. They had handed me this note, and it will forever be in my “happy file”. I just wanted to share this story with you to say that your products are making a difference in the lives of little ones, and especially for their caregivers who are so desperately trying to get them the nutrition they need!

Heather Jarvis, M.S., CCC-SLP, BCS-S: Speech Pathologist

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