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aboutphotoDr. Brown’s® Medical NEW innovative products continue to transform the care practices of infant oral feeding challenges in NICUs, newborn nurseries, and specialty clinics throughout the world. We are uniquely positioned to help improve outcomes for infants, deliver more effective and cost-efficient care, and help reduce the economic burden of costly treatment strategies.

Over the past 3 years, Dr. Brown’s® Medical has provided integral solutions with two novel products – the Ultra-Preemie Nipple and the Specialty Feeding System.

Ultra-Preemie Level Nipple

The Ultra-Preemie level nipple was developed through a cohesive effort between medical professionals and Dr. Brown’s® engineers. This product has the most consistent bolus flow rate each time the infant sucks; reportedly provides transition to full oral feedings in less time than if an infant was fed with a faster flow nipple and is one of the most respected intervention tools used by top feeding specialists in the field of feeding and swallowing.

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Specialty Feeding System

The Specialty Feeding System is a unique bottle/nipple/valve system designed specifically to assist in the management and treatment of complicated oral feeding issues such as infants identified with cleft lip/palate; oro-neuromotor dysfunctions, congenital heart disease, common or rare syndromic sequences, infants with ankyloglossia, lip tie, high arch and/or craniofacial anomalies. This unique feeding system provides an efficient, successful and safe feeding experience.

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