Provider Course

As Providers, you guide the care for infants and families. Are you frustrated with:

  • Inconsistent feeding approaches
  • Parent confusion regarding feeding practices
  • Prolonged length of stay due to feeding issues
  • Inconsistent or difficult to decipher documentation of feeding????

Lead the way. With IDF™ you can honor infant feeding cues; no more volume-driven feeding culture. Every baby deserves a say for when and how long they should be orally fed.

With the Infant-Driven Feeding® Program you can:

  • Lead unit-wide education with a scalable cost-effective solution
  • Develop a consistent set of orders for feeding practice
  • Improve length of stay, time to full oral feedings, and breastfeeding rates

“Families that had babies in the NICU with the old feeding protocol and now they have had babies in the NICU with the newer feeding protocol and they are just thrilled. They are so satisfied that we have changed to this method. ……. It’s also getting kids out of here faster. We definitely have a decreased length of stay because these kids are telling us what they can do and we’re allowing them to show us what they can do.”

Suzanne Reuter MD, Neonatologist Sanford Children’s Hospital, Professor of Pediatrics/Chief of Neonatology at USD Sanford School of Medicine

Get started by viewing the 40-minute Provider course for an overview of the comprehensive online program Infant-Driven Feeding®: Advancing Oral Feeding Practice in the NICU. IDF™ Scales in the Provider course are copyrighted and not to be used without purchase of the Learning Program.

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