Cups, Spoons, Feeding

Transition infants to more mature feeding skills

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Cheers360® Cup with Handles

Make transitioning to a cup successful with Dr. Brown’s® Cheers360® Spoutless Training cup.

  • 360 design lets child drink from any edge with proper lip closure
  • Clear silicone valve lets child see inside without spilling
  • May remove silicone valve for open cup training
  • Looks like a grown-up cup
  • Spill proof with silicone valve in place
  • Available in 7 oz/200 mL cup with handles for easy grip and a 10 oz/300 mL cup with a tapered design for little hands to hold

Product Information

Cheers360® Cup Handles, Blue
Cheers360® Cup Handles, Pink

Silicone Handles

Encourage independent drinking with Dr. Brown’s® Silicone handles.

  • Easy to grip soft silicone
  • Available in Narrow size to accommodate Narrow bottles/cups
  • Available in Wide size to accommodate Wide-Neck bottles/cups

Product Information

Silicone Handles – Blue, Narrow Neck
Silicone Handles – Turquoise, Narrow Neck

Soft Tip Spoons

No-stress, less-mess mealtimes with Dr. Brown’s® Designed to Nourish™ Soft-Tip Spoons.

  • Soft-tip spoons are gentle on tender and teething gums
  • Flexible, shallow scoop makes mealtime easier for baby
  • Wide-base elevation stays sturdy on table for mess-free feeding
  • Available in a 6-pack in a variety of colors
  • BPA free. 4m+

Product Information

Soft Tip Spoons, 6-pack

Fresh Firsts Silicone Feeder

Safely introduce infants to new table foods with Dr. Brown’s® Fresh Firsts Silicone feeder.

  • Tiny holes let just enough of the desired food through for baby to get a safe taste while self feeding
  • Durable and bite resistant
  • Mesh free for less mess
  • Can hold anything from fresh food to frozen treats
  • Easy for little hands to hold
  • Bulb is shaped for little mouths

Product Information

Fresh Firsts Silicone Feeder, Mint

Formula Mixing Pitcher

Dr. Brown’s® Formula Mixing Pitcher makes it easy to prepare formula, mixing up to four of Dr. Brown’s® 8 oz/250 mL bottles for immediate use or to save for later.

  • Unique mixing blade works quickly to blend and dissolve formula without clumping
  • Adjustable stopper prevents the mixing blade from lifting above the surface of the liquid to reduce amount of air that gets into formula
  • Spill-free locking lid
  • No-drip spout
  • Disassembles with ease for cleaning

Product Information

Formula Mixing Pitcher
Formula Mixing Pitcher