15 cc First Feeder and Pacidose™

When every drop matters

Two products designed to provide infants with the smallest feeding volumes allowing for developmentally supportive feeding experiences from the start.

Precision Dispensers

15 cc First Feeder Bottle

  • Easily identifiable markings from 1 cc to 15 cc providing the most accurate fluid measurement of colostrum, human milk, and/or infant formula
  • Assembled with Ultra-Preemie™ or Preemie Flow™ Narrow Nipple
  • Universal bottle threading is designed to fit most electric breast pump systems
  • Compatible with any of Dr. Brown’s® eight nipple levels
  • Designed to be reusable or disposable
  • Individually wrapped

Product Information

15 cc First Feeder with Ultra-Preemie™ Nipple
First Feeder Bottle with Preemie Flow Nipple
15 cc First Feeder with Preemie Flow™ Nipple

Pacidose™ and Silicone Bulb Cleaning Brush

The Pacidose™ allows for fuss-free, accurate administration of small liquid boluses by way of a small silicone bulb with small tubing through the center of the nipple attaching to a standard syringe.

  • Uses include medication/vitamins, therapeutic tastings, and colostrum
  • Allows infant to suck liquid in a more natural and supportive way for safe swallowing
  • Attaches to a slip tip and/or catheter tip syringes
  • BPA free; Individually wrapped with wire cleaning brush
  • Silicone bulb is top rack dishwasher, sanitizer, and microwave steam bag compatible
  • Use Silicone Bulb Cleaning Brush to clean inside channel of the Pacidose™

Product Information

Pacidose™ and Cleaning Brush only, 25 bulk pack
Pacidose™ and Cleaning Brush only, 100 bulk pack
Silicone Bulb Cleaning Brush ONLY, 240 bulk pack

“Especially with medication, much slower and more controlled than when parents giving via just syringe, often causing coughing in infants with dysphagia…”

Kara Larson MS CCC-SLP

“The Pacidose has become a staple in my toolbox as a Speech Language Pathologist. Not only is a great tool to administer medication to infants, but to use as a transitional tool to bottle drinking for infants who have feeding difficulties”.

Suzette Fernández Lewis, Speech Language Pathologist, Miami, Florida