Support in Literature

Dr. Brown’s Medical prides itself in keeping with current evidence-based practices and recognizing the importance of independent research studies related to neonatal and infant feeding practices. These independent research studies may assist in supporting your current practice; provide rationale for implementing practice change; and/or simply provide a review of the current evidence. Below is access to a number of valuable articles of interest to support these practices.

A Controlled-flow Vacuum-free Bottle System Enhances Preterm Infants’ Nutritive Sucking Skills

WRITTEN BY: Sandra Fucile, Erika Gisel, Richard J. Schanler, Chantal Lau

Applying the Four Disciplines of Execution to Promote Culture Change in the NICU

WRITTEN BY: Elizabeth Jeanson and Bette K. Schumacher

Effect of Single-Use, Laser-Cut, Slow-Flow Nipples on respiration and Milk Ingestion in Preterm Infants

WRITTEN BY: Katlyn McGrattan, David McFarland, Jesse Dean, Elizabeth Hill, David White, Bonnie Martin-Harris

Implementation of Cue-Based Feeding to Improve Preterm Infant Feeding Outcomes and Promote Parents’ Involvement

WRITTEN BY: Tesi Thomas, Rebecca Goodman, Ani Jacob, Deborah Grabher

Infant-Guided, Co-Regulated Feeding in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. Part 1 : Theoretical Underpinnings for Neuroprotection and Safety; Part II: Interventions to Promote Neuroprotection and Safety

WRITTEN BY: Catherine Shaker

Know the Flow: Milk Flow Rates from Bottle Nipples Used in the Hospital and After Discharge

WRITTEN BY: Britt F. Pados, Jinhee Park, Pamela Dodrill

Milk Flow Rates From Bottle Nipples: What We Know and Why It Matters

WRITTEN BY: Britt Frisk Pados

Oral Feeding in Premature Infants; Advantage of a Self-Paced Milk Flow

WRITTEN BY: Lau C, Schanler RJ.

Parent Perceptions of Initial Feeding Experiences of Children Born with Cleft Palate in a Rural Locale

WRITTEN BY: Meghan Snyder and Dennis Ruscello

Supporting Oral Feeding Skills Through Bottle Selection

WRITTEN BY: Erin Ross, Lauren Fuhrman