The Infant-Driven Feeding® (IDF) Program is your solution. The IDF™ Program is an online educational program that provides consistent, cost-effective, and family-centered training for all neonatal staff.

Unit-Wide Program Purchase

Unit-Wide implementation is designed for neonatal units planning to implement the IDF Program and Scales.

Licensed Unit-Wide Program purchase includes the Unit-Wide Program Suite:

  • Parent Video and Handout
  • Provider Support Material
  • Infant-Driven Feeding™ Scales Bedside Reference Cards
  • Pre and Post Knowledge Assessments
  • IDF Program Process Guide
  • Program Implementation Checklist
  • Permission Letter to Upload IDF™ Scales in eMR
  • QI Project Guide
  • Support from a Designated Account Manager

For Unit-Wide purchase, email: or go HERE.

Cost-Effective Continuing Education

4.0 Contact Hours of Education
Approved for Continuing Education Credits for Nursing, OT, and SLP.

Single-User License Purchase

The Single-User License is designed for individuals who work independently and want to learn the concepts of the Infant-Driven Feeding Program or are interested in evaluating the program for a unit-wide purchase.

  • Single-User License purchase
  • Access to the online educational program
  • Access to the copyrighted Infant-Driven Feeding™ Scales*
  • Individual Infant-Driven Feeding® Program Completion Certificate
  • Downloadable Bibliography

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The Infant-Driven Feeding™ Scales were originally published in 2007 and the online Program was created in 2014. Handi-Craft Company acquired the Infant-Driven Feeding Program in 2018. While maintaining the intent of the original authors, the Program and Scales will be periodically updated to reflect current best practices, updated literature, and technological advancements to the platform.

*The Infant-Driven Feeding® (IDF™) Program and the Infant-Driven Feeding™ (IDF™) Scales are copyrighted, proprietary works of Handi-Craft Company (HCC). Due to the copyright and proprietary ownership of HCC, Single – User Licenses are limited to use of the program and scales solely in the course of their personal professional practice and are restricted from sharing.

The Infant-Driven Feeding™ (IDF™) Scales cannot be modified in any way other than text resizing. The IDF™ Scales cannot be shared with anyone who has not completed the IDF™ Program.

Written permission is required to add the IDF™ Scales to eMR and for any manuscript/poster recognition.

®2024 Handi Craft Company. All Rights Reserved.
Unauthorized reproduction of the IDF™ Program and/or IDF™ Scales materials is prohibited.