About Infant-Driven Feeding™ Program


Provide consistency. Improve Outcomes. Cue Based Feeding is not enough.

You became a NICU professional to provide the best care for infants and their families. Research shows that up to an alarming 70% of children born prematurely exhibit problematic feeding.

The Infant-Driven Feeding™  Program is your solution. IDF™ offers developmentally supportive, individualized, cue-based feeding education with the first-and-only scalable online neonatal feeding courseware created for hospital staff.

Provide consistent, evidenced based, feeding education and practices for your infants and their families, while also achieving these additional benefits:

  • Increase breastfeeding rates
  • Improve Kangaroo Care
  • Reduce time from initiation of oral feeds to full PO feeds
  • Decrease length of stay (LOS)
  • Cost savings from reduced length of stay, reduced use of feeding tools, fewer medical complications
  • Improve parent and nursing/provider satisfaction

“IDF™ is a proven methodology based on evidence that encourages breastfeeding. It enables caregivers to provide positive successful feeding encounters with premature infants, allowing infants to communicate their feeding needs and abilities. IDF™ provides support for success and a common language for information sharing amongst the medical team in the NICU.”

Elizabeth Jeanson, DPT, Sanford Children’s Hospital, South Dakota

Set the Standard of Care with the IDF™ Program

The IDF™ program provides a solution to advance oral feeding practices in the NICU. With IDF™ your unit will be fully prepared to provide neurodevelopmental, family-centered Infant-Driven Feeding™. The Unit-wide program allows your entire NICU staff (any level) to complete the online education course, ensuring the most effective way to change the feeding practice culture.

Here is a glimpse of what the online program includes:

  • Research-based feeding education that provides 5.0 hours of continuing education, with CEUs approved for Nursing, Speech, and OT
  • Internationally recognized feeding assessment tool for infants in the NICU
  • NICU-specific video training to help identify feeding readiness cues and feeding quality (breast and bottle) at the bedside
  • Concrete ways to include parents in feeding practice from admission forward
  • Footage of video fluoroscopic swallowing studies demonstrating safe swallow as well as aspiration
  • A consistent, easy-to-execute system for advancing oral feeding practice from admission forward
  • Interactive problem-solving activities for common feeding issues in the NICU
  • Permission to let go of the old feeding culture, while you continue to trust your well-earned experience and advance practice to better serve infants and families
  • Specific chapter dedicated to promoting breastfeeding success

The IDF™ Program and Scales are proprietary, copyrighted works owned by Handi-Craft Company and contents are for single-user access, no other purposes. The Scales may not be modified in any other way other than text resizing nor are to be used or shared with others who have not completed the program. Written permission is required to add scales to eMR and for any manuscript/poster recognition.