Same Trusted Program. Enhanced Benefits.

The Infant-Driven Feeding® Program has transformed feeding practices in neonatal units for over 10 years. Maintaining the original intent and voice of the Infant-Driven Feeding® Program, upgrades were made to reflect current best practices and research.

2024 Upgrades:

  • New Contributing Authors and Subject Matter Experts
  • Up-to-Date References
  • Infant-Driven Feeding Scales Upgraded and Validated
  • Modern Pictures and Videos
  • Advanced Technology
  • Integrated Breastfeeding Best Practices
  • 4.0 Contact Hours (Nursing, OT, & SLP)

Provide Consistency. Improve Outcomes.

“Cue-Based Feeding” is NOT Sufficient.

You became a neonatal professional to provide the best care for infants and their families. However, traditional infant feeding practices are inconsistent and can result in poor feeding outcomes. This can leave you feeling frustrated.

“Problematic feeding occurs in approximately 42% of children under 4 years of age who were born prematurely (< 37 weeks’ gestation)”

(Pados, 2021)

As a team of feeding specialists with clinical experience working in the NICU, we get it and we are here to help.

Unit-wide implementation of the Infant-Driven Feeding Program is your SOLUTION.

UNIT-WIDE implementation benefits staff and hospitals and, most importantly, supports family-centered care.

Over 250 hospitals, in the U.S. and Canada, and 15,000+ licensed users have trained with the Infant Driven Feeding Program and improved feeding outcomes.

Proven Results:

  • Average Reduced LOS by 5 days = Saving of ~$15,000/infant
  • Average Decreased Time to Full Oral Feeding by 5 days
  • Reduced Cost of Feeding Supplies ~$78,000/unit/year
  • Increased Breastfeeding Rates – from 20% to 62% at discharge
  • Increased Parent Satisfaction
  • Increased Staff Satisfaction

“IDF™ is a proven methodology based on evidence that encourages breastfeeding. It enables caregivers to provide positive successful feeding encounters with premature infants, allowing infants to communicate their feeding needs and abilities. IDF™ provides support for success and a common language for information sharing amongst the medical team in the NICU.”

Elizabeth Jeanson, DPT, Sanford Children’s Hospital, South Dakota

The Infant-Driven Feeding Program is the Standard-of-Care

The Infant-Driven Feeding Program is an online educational program that offers standard-of-care feeding practices for neonatal units. Learning modules are appropriate for all neonatal staff, who care for infants.

Program Applications

  • Infants born prematurely*
    • *Concepts apply to ALL hospitalized infants
  • All oral feedings – Breast or Bottle
  • Includes family-centered care every step of the way

Consistent, inclusive, and standard-of-care practices lead to SUCCESS.

Note: To sustain success, plan for future staff to complete online modules as part of the new hire process.

Now you can avoid doing “what’s always been done” and transform your unit’s feeding culture to improve outcomes for all babies.

Feeding is for life.

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The Infant-Driven Feeding™ Scales were originally published in 2007 and the online Program was created in 2014. Handi-Craft Company acquired the Infant-Driven Feeding Program in 2018. While maintaining the intent of the original authors, the Program and Scales will be periodically updated to reflect current best practices, updated literature, and technological advancements to the platform.

The Infant-Driven Feeding® (IDF™) Program and the Infant-Driven Feeding™ (IDF™) Scales are proprietary, copyrighted works owned by Handi-Craft Company.

The Infant-Driven Feeding™ (IDF™) Scales cannot be modified in any way other than text resizing. The IDF ™ Scales cannot be shared with anyone who has not completed the IDF™ Program.

The Infant-Driven Feeding® (IDF™) Program and the Infant-Driven Feeding™ (IDF™) Scales are copyrighted, proprietary works of Handi-Craft Company (HCC). Due to the copyright and proprietary ownership of HCC, Single – User Licenses are limited to use of the program and scales solely in the course of their personal professional practice and are restricted from sharing either of them.

Written permission is required to add the IDF™ Scales to eMR and for any manuscript/poster recognition.

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